(I don't like adding long intro's to my projects, but I felt like this just needed a bit of context.)
I was never the biggest fan of Robin Williams. I mean, I knew he was great, I loved some of his movies, but I was never a die hard fan. And yet, when news of his death came, it shook and disturbed me in a way I had not expected. I found myself reading every article, watching every tribute video, and downloading films that I've never heard of.
Maybe it was how even the best of us have to deal with the worst of problems. Maybe it was the realization that the people closest to me - or any person for that matter - could be dealing with similar feelings and thoughts and I wouldn't even have a single clue. Or maybe I just have too much time to think haha.
But whatever it was, I just felt the need to do something to just let it out, as well as for personal closure. Thus a project.
This small piece is based on the film Good Will Hunting, where Robin Williams won an Oscar. The line comes from one of the most powerful scenes in the movie - no need to explain why.
Rest in peace, Robin Williams. You will be missed.
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