Been itching to update my personal logo for a while, for no apparent reason.
Good thing I was stuck in a coffee shop one Friday night with nothing to do - so ta da! 
Used my many names to generate the concept behind the logo.

Rodolfo: the antlers because of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (lol)
Angelo: the wings, a common symbol for an angel.
Magtanggol: tagalog for defender/to protect - thus the shield

- - -
Created a flat and colored version of the logo and tried out different colors.
The red is what really stuck for me though.
- - -
Also, I finally discovered how everyone manages to create cool mock-ups of collaterals for their logo designs. This particular mock-up I found in Graphic Burger, a cool site run by Raul Taciu that aims to share with the world templates and works of art that might help other artists. This particular one can be found here.
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